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“We always start a volunteering project with the intention of helping and donating time, ability, knowledge, but invariably we end up receiving way more. It was an honor to work with SITAWI that captains the mission of Finance for Good in the country and to learn about Social Impact Measurement.”

Maya Yonehara, Social Finance volunteer


“To be a volunteer is to believe collectively in a broader cause. SITAWI’s cause, focused on positive social and environmental impact, is called Finance for Good. The organization, due to the seriousness and quality of the proposed work, is able to get together a group of amazing and innovative people that end up offering the volunteers an amazing learning experience.”

Danilo Cerqueira, Fundraising volunteer


SITAWI is a Brazil-based organization working to advance social and environmental outcomes through finance and investing. SITAWI manages philanthropic funds for large donors, develops financial solutions to social enterprises and advises financial institutions and investors on integrating ESG issues into strategy, risk management and investment analysis. With offices in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, but operating across Latin America, SITAWI works with the region’s leading players in social and sustainable finance, and is piloting innovative concepts for the region such as Social Impact Bonds and Green Bonds.

Founded in 2008, SITAWI is a non-profit organization pioneered in the development of financial solutions for the social sector and in the analysis of the social and environmental performance of companies and financial institutions. SITAWI assesses and models social and environmental impacts on business, advising financial institutions and investors on their business strategies. In 2015, it was elected the 10th best socio-environmental research house for investors and had the best social and environmental analyst in the world (Extel Independent Research on Responsible Investment - IRRI 2015)

"A world where capital is cheaper, more abundant and more patient for organizations and businesses creating positive social and environmental impact."